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Grant Guidelines

All proposals MUST be typed double-sided

        Grants will be awarded to support local, regional or statewide environmental projects that will have a direct benefit in or near the tidally-related New York/New Jersey Harbor Complex, including Hackensack, Raritan and Passaic Watersheds, or in the Delaware River Basin or in the Schuylkill Valley (see Eligibility).  Projects in the Atlantic Coastal Basin or the Wallkill Basin are not eligible.

    Grant Purpose:  All grant proposals shall be limited to focusing on one or more of these three areas:

  • environmental advocacy and action projects
  • water quality and quantity issues
  • environmental issues in urban areas

        Grants will be offered in the following categories:

    • Traditional:  The Maximum grant amount in this category is $20,000.
    • Small Grants:  Smaller grass roots groups may submit proposals under this category to be ranked and funded separately.  Maximum grant amounts for this category will be $7,000.
    • Three Year Grants:  Eligible proposals shall demonstrate a need for an ongoing commitment due to the complexity or duration of the issues.  Collaboration among various groups toward a particular project goal for these grant proposals are encouraged but not required.  Applications need to be specific in providing measurable desired outcomes.  Where applicable, success measures should be expressed with benchmarks that may include percentage changes or numeric targets.  A Maximum of three grants up to $20,000 per year may be awarded in this category.  Two grants will be in the NE Metro area inclusive of the PVSC area and one grant to the Delaware River Basin.  These grant commitments will be renewed annually subject to submission of required grant reporting and available funding, but would not require a new grant submission in years 2 and 3.  (Applicants in this category may also apply in the traditional category, however, if any award is received in this category no other awards will be made to the same applicant from other categories.)
        Each grant request will be evaluated on meeting the grant guidelines, the quality of the proposal, its environmental benefit, cost, conformity with Court Orders, including geography, qualifications and other resources of applicant, and the timeframe needed to accomplish the project.

        Note:  The Three Year category ranking will provide greater significance on measurable outcomes.  

        Definition of "Outputs and Outcomes".  The development of outputs and outcomes for each grant is a key component of the evaluation system in this category.  The following guidelines and examples should help clarify the relationships among outputs and outcomes.
    • Outputs are the major products and/or the substantial and completed processes that will be created to reach outcomes.  They are the anticipated accomplishments funded through the grant, and they are directly under the grantee's control.  The outputs occur "in order to achieve" an intended outcome.
    • Outcomes are the desired change(s) or results that the proposed project will eventually accomplish.  They follow from the outputs and identify the anticipated change that is the goal of the grant
        Grants usually cover a 12 month period (except for Three Year Grants).

        Preference will be given to non-profit environmental organizations that have an Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) designation.

        Funds will not be given to individuals, to endowments, for general operating, or for capital expenditures (building or renovation).