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About EENJ

The Environmental Endowment for New Jersey was incorporated in April 1991 to receive and administer a $900,000 settlement of a court case brought under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and subsequently received $4.9 million in the settlement of five other cases.  Since 1992, EENJ has awarded a total of 632 environmental grants totaling $7,252,633    On average, we fund approximately 15 to 20 organizations per year with the average grant being in the range of $7,000 to $20,000. 

Grants are made in accordance with the terms of the settlement Court Orders  (see Eligibility) and are generally funded by investment income.   Non-profit organizations in the northeast metropolitan area of the State and in the Delaware River Basin and the Schuylkill Valley have received funding to carry out a variety of environmental improvement projects.

Grants are announced on Earth Day, April 22.